dayDaylynn B., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
A life changing experience at best. I enrolled into the course as a current bartender, and I thought that would put me at an advantage. I was wrong. This course was so extensive and informative that I had to leave behind all my old tricks and habits to do it the right way. There wasn’t a thing about this trade that wasn’t covered or addressed. Elda is an intelligent tough love kinda gal, she is the perfect mentor for bartending. Very helpful, honest, and fun. I am extremely thankful for the 40hr course. I am confident and efficient now as a bartender. GO STAR!

Valerie B. (No Photo), Star Bartenders Institute Graduate

Elda Abate… Thank you!!! Because they know you and your reputation of work…. I was hired soon after walking in the door and showing them my resume!!!! F***ing awesome!!

Jimmy Cabrera (No Photo), Star Bartenders Institute

5 star So before this class I knew nada about bartending, today I start my first bartending job woo!!!! Your amazing Elda!!

535893_437498783034060_1502580686_nAmber W., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
Star Bartenders Institute is probably the best thing I ever put my money and effort into, I have learned so much and I was prepared with the every detail in bartending! It was a very good experience and now I am a certified bartender thanks to Elda ❤️

tTaylor C., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
This class was one of my best experiences ever!!! So worth it, Elda prepares you with so much information and is an amazing teacher. You get the experience of making real drinks and being in a real “bar”. Would recommend this class to anyone – as long as you’re serious about it! ❤️

Jessica C., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
I was one of the first students at Star Bartenders Institute and let me just say I couldn’t have been more pleased. Elda was awesome! The things I learned in 40 hours amazed me. By the end of the course, I felt like I had been bartending for months. All the material I was taught was no joke and up to date with today. Elda was a huge help with job placement and within a week, I was working in a bar. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience/ teacher and would recommend this course to anyone!
(After graduation, Jessica took advantage of our job placement service. She will soon be bartending at the Paddock Lounge and the Bourbon Room in Saratoga, NY. We are proud of her hard work and diligence.)

(No Photo)
Frank B., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
If you are really serious about being in this industry, then you need to start it at Star Bartenders Institute! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first signed up. Elda was so sweet, as soon as I signed up I immediately received a warm welcome with her calling me. After that I knew things were going to go great. On my first day, she jumped right in and we were making drinks by the end of that night. It was fun, exciting and hard, but worth every minute. You learn EVERY aspect of a bar from opening procedure, proper pour counts, learning from the textbook, how to serve a cocktail, etc. Classes are really fun too, there is always music playing, laughing going on, and everyone in my class was super cool and nice. I’ve recommended this to many people and will always do so. My STAR tip for anyone would have to be, enjoy it, STUDY A LOT, take it very serious and overall just have FUN! It’s all worth it in the end!!!

(No Photo)
Antonia F., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
Taking Elda’s class was one of the best decisions I’ve made. She is thorough and caring, but also realistic and vocal about students’ different potentials, and as such personalizes their education. Elda has established herself in the industry from decades of experience, and fills her class with more than just what you would find in a standard textbook. I came out of the 40 hour course with a thorough knowledge that prepared me well for the job hunt. When you invest in Elda, she invests in you in return and you can gain a lifelong mentor.

(No Photo)
Nina G., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
What an amazing experience from an amazing professional! It ended way too soon and I’m looking forward to utilizing my open bar time in the future. Elda really makes it her goal for you to become an awesome bartender. An awesome experience that I will never forget!

(No Photo)
Christina H., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
For me when I do something I want to do it right! Not on-line, not half ass, not the cheapest but with perfection. Just with the lifetime membership ALONE this school is amazing. From the moment you walk through the door you’ll know you’ve made the right decision. Money and time well spent. Elda has YEARS of experience in this industry. I’ve learned so much in 2 weeks. I have such a respect for the craft of bartending and mixology. I look forward to being an “Addition” in the field and knowing I was taught from a perfectionist makes me proud that I attended “STAR” bartending school.

(No Photo)
Mackenzie W., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
I attended Star Bartenders Institute in early January and it was such a great experience! Elda is by far the best instructor I have had, anywhere! She really pushes you to be the best you can be and she will take her time to make sure you are where you need to be. I really enjoyed taking this course with someone who is so passionate about bartending and someone who truly cares about her students and getting them where they need to be in the real world, she will gladly take extra time out of her day to help her students. I am beyond satisfied with this course and Elda, she did a fantastic job! I highly recommend this course!!!

(No Photo)
Eileen O., Star Bartenders Institute Graduate
After researching my options for bartending schools I chose “Star Bartending Institute”. I liked that it was a school licensed by NYS, and offered a lifetime membership with an option to retake classes if you needed a refresher. Though this class was certainly a challenge, it was definitely worth it! I had a lot of fun learning what life in the bar tending world would be like, while at the same time living the experience of being behind a real bar filling orders. I learned a lot and had fun doing it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to go into the field. This is definitely a “top shelf” school!

imageDaniele B.
I now work for some of the biggest liquor companies in the United States selling spirits in bars and restaurants. I enjoy this job so very much and make more money than I could ever imagine.
What does this all have to do with you, you may ask? A lot. Elda, I have to thank you. Because of you and the experience I have had with you and working for your family I would not have gotten that job otherwise. You taught me how to look at everything from every critical aspect when looking at a restaurant/bar. As a liquor rep, you need to be able and willing to be not only a salesman, but a guide to help your accounts grow as business and look out for their best interest. You also gave me a head start in knowing my spirits. The difference between a bourbon and whiskey, what spirits mix well together and what usually doesn’t.
Sometimes, you get some negative comments and accounts and or restaurant owners and managers who don’t want to work with you. You can’t take it personal and go to those accounts that will. Your tough love taught me to have a thick skin and to be strong. To go above and beyond what is expected. You also were a great role model, because it’s business and professionalism first. I didn’t see this at the time, but I feel as if you were my guide in a way to shape me into the professional woman I am today. All of which I am incredibly thankful for.

kelseaKelsea A.
Working with Elda was a life-changing experience and that’s not a phrase I use lightly. Her vast knowledge of bar tending and the teaching methods she applied helped me grow from a timid server with a lot of questions to a confident bartender with a lot of answers. There’s a lot to learn behind the bar and I’m thankful I was taught the correct way. I’ll never have a sense of family at work quite like I had at Elda’s on Lark.

britbarBrittany C.
Elda Abate has been a pivotal role model in my career. I worked with Elda for three years and she taught me everything I know. I now currently bartend at another location with a large amount of responsibility. Professionally I would not be where I am at if not for Elda. She trained me how to properly bartend, and each time a customer raves about a drink, I know it is because of her. I would recommend learning from her because she takes pride in her work and she will teach any person to bartend the same way, with precision and accuracy.

michaelkMichael K.
I was Elda’s karaoke dj. I can rock it but without a great bar staff, my show means nothing unless people get their drinks on time, especially when it’s busy. Elda ran a fabulous venue and always kept the customers extremely satisfied. We were an epic, and I mean epic, team. And, she has,,,,,,Hats off!!!

9393_375436379243542_1905890026_nRana F.
Elda has a great work ethic and is a great restaurant manager. She has a lot of years of experience under her belt at such a young age. As a result of her management, she built a great neighborhood bar that cultivated a close culture of regulars. It was great knowing you could drop by her establishment and know that someone you knew was there. She had a tremendous understanding of her clientele and knew how to cater to them. I miss working with Elda and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

1607132_10202216714674452_862146165_nSamantha T.
I worked for Elda over a period of four years and before I say anything else- I loved it. Not only did I learn how to waitress correctly and properly serve a table, but I learned invaluable techniques about how to be the most efficient server I could be. Elda has countless years of experience to give, and she is always willing to teach and help you improve. She has high standards that will make you the best you can be. No matter where you go to work after working for her, the skills you learn under her tutelage will show and impress. Not to mention she is very funny and easy to work with! Learning from her is a once in a lifetime opportunity you should not pass up!